Speaking Presentation List

This is a list of Brian’s presentations and their descriptions. All presentations are 50 minutes in length.

Genesis: Why Does it Matter?

Why should Christians trust Genesis as one of the most important books in the Bible? Is Genesis myth or a factual presentation of the earth’s and man’s history? The church loses over 80% of our young adults by time they graduate from high school because they have come to believe that the Bible is not true and not relevant. If Genesis is not true and literal, then why trust the rest of Scripture at all? Genesis is the foundational history of all our Biblical doctrines. Every single Biblical doctrine of Christianity (directly or indirectly) is founded in Gen 1-11.

Evolution: Fact or Fiction

Either the world made itself or someone made the world. Evolution is taught as fact in our culture today. But is evolution really a fact or is it fiction, made up to look like fact. In this presentation Brian shows the scientific facts against evolution: mutations, natural selection, dinosaurs, carbon/radiometric dating and the fossil record. He also shows from Scripture that what we read in God’s Word we see in God’s Word. When we do true science, we see that it actually supports the Creation account in Genesis and the other books in the Bible. Good for grade school to adult audiences.

Dinosaurs, Fossils and the Bible

What are fossils? Where do they come from? Did dinosaurs really live? Were they really that big? Do fossils and dinosaurs fit into the Bible – or can they? Do dinosaurs really give evidence for a recent Biblical creation? Have they really found soft tissue in fossilized dinosaurs? How big was the Ark. Where did all the water come from in Noah’s Flood. How did Noah get all the animals on the Ark. See for yourself. A grade schools and high school version of this presentation is also available.

Defending the Faith

Scripture teaches us that we have a moral obligation to defend the Christian faith (1 Pet 3:15) to anyone who asks us. That means anyone: from you neighbor next door to the Professor of Astrophysics at the local university. Wow, what a challenge! To do this, the Lord has given us a simple Biblical method to accomplish the task, allowing a Christian to defend his faith simply and effectively to anyone! Learn to challenge a person’s worldview without using science or evidences. This method has no true rebuttal to your challenges, allowing the Holy Spirit to open people’s hearts and minds to salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a major presentation and needs to be included in a conference.

What a Difference a Day Makes.

Many Christians try to stuff evolution into the Genesis account of creation, so as to agree with man’s theory of the beginning of the universe. They have come up with the Gap Theory, Theistic Evolution, Progressive Creation, the Framework Hypotheses, and many others. The Lord tells us in Genesis 1 exactly how He created the Universe and our world. He did not use any of the above methods. He spoke it all into existence in six normal days, such as we have them today. The days of creation are also called into question as to their length. God gives us the exact definition of a day in the early verses of Genesis 1. Then when He creates the Sun, Moon, and Stars, He uses His own definition when explaining why He created them. It leaves no doubt as to the length of a day in Genesis 1. The Lord shows us one of His greatest miracle of creation: life. How He created life brings a big surprise to many people. It was something new and unbelievable. If you want to defend your faith when speaking to others about the literal six day creation, attend this presentation. What a difference a day makes.

Does the Truth Matter Anymore?

Has what God said matter anymore? God says He is the only one who can decide truth. But ever since Adam and Eve, men and women always think they can do it for themselves. You have to be careful when you ask someone if the Bible is the Word of God. They may be using the same vocabulary, but not the same dictionary. Did you know that the order of Creation as stated in Genesis 1 is completely opposite of man’s order of evolution? This presentation also goes over how to answer a number of questions people ask and how to answer them with God’s truth. This is a great presentation to start a conference with. What a Day really is according to God’s Word. What did Jesus say what the word “day” means in Genesis? What do renown Hebrew scholars say what the word “day” means in Genesis? What about the big bang? What about evolution? Did the fall of man only refer to “spiritual death” not “physical death”? Adam ate plants so are not plants alive? What’s the difference between plants, animals and man? Does Mt. St. Helens confirm Biblical Creation?

Jesus or Jurassic Park: What Will It Be?

If you died today, where would you be tomorrow? That depends on what or who you believe and trust in. If you trust in Jesus, the God of the Bible: you accept His Word, heaven and hell as real places and life after death. If you trust in Jurassic park: you accept evolution, this world is all there is, no heaven and no hell and no life after death. Folks, there is no middle ground. If one choice is false the other is true. Jesus (God) and Jurassic Park (evolution) both require faith. Neither one can be proved scientifically. Why? Because they happened in the past. This presentation also gives the reasons I became a Christian. It is worth spending the time and checking it out because your choice will stay with you for eternity. And that’s a long, long time to have made the wrong choice.

Why Won’t They Listen?

Why does today’s culture not understand what the Bible has to say? Fifty years ago most people understood when a person spoke about sin and judgment. This teaching shows what we can do as Christians to reach people today with the Word of God and change their eternal destination.

Aliens and UFO’s: Who are they really?

UFO’s have been in the news lately. Many people, including a past president, have stated they have seen a UFO. Do UFO’s really exist? Does life exist on other worlds or is man and life on earth the only life in the universe. Do astronomers really see other planets around far away stars as we read and see in the media. This presentation uses many short clips from famous old and new science fictions movies to show how evolution is pushed in the movies we watch. I will answer who I believe the aliens that people claim to see really are. It’s a real learning experience and  a fun presentation for all

Inventions of Ancient Man: Evidence for Creation

Evolutionary science teaches that man evolved from primitive apes and built civilization from the ground up. On the other hand, the Bible teaches that man was created a perfect, intelligent being with all the knowledge he needed granted to him by the Lord, our Creator. So what do the historical and ancient records really show?

Our Founding Fathers: Were They Christian?

The Declaration of Independence acknowledges that mankind is a created entity and that the Creator God bestows our rights granted in our Constitution: our unalienable rights. This means that no man can take them away and that our government, instituted by God, is to protect those rights. Christianity was the Worldview of our Founding Fathers.


Addition talks  available

1. Astronomy and the Bible – This presentation shows how “the heavens declare the glory of God.” We travel all the way from the earth to the farthest galaxies. I discuss the earth, the moon, the planets of our solar system, the loose clouds of hydrogen gas that make up the beautiful galaxies, the origin of the stars according to Genesis 1 and why God says He created them. Does life exist elsewhere in the universe? We take a look at so called extra-solar planets which scientist claim can support life. Do they really see these planets? Can E.T really phone home? As Romans 1 tells us, “They will be held without excuse.”

2. NP Complete – From a unbelieving computer scientist to a Biblical Creationist. This is a 30 minute sermon about why I became a Christian. God used the time I was pursuing a graduate degree in computer science and engineering to change my worldview.Halfway through my degree course I met the NP Complete Non-deterministic problem. That is, the time required to solve a certain problem using any currently known algorithm increases very quickly as the size of the problem grows. As a result, the time required to solve even moderately large versions of many of these problems easily reaches into the billions or trillions of years, using any amount of computing power available today. That simply means that it is unsolvable.This was the first time in my life that I realized that there were problems in this world that man can’t solve. That was a world changing experience for me and The Lord used that to draw me to Him.